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Group Coloring
i Ching Mindfulness coloring book prject

“易圖思 mInd CHangING” mindfulness coloring book project is to share the concept of mindfulness for mental well-being, and promote family/social harmony through the wisdom of I Ching. The coloring book is consisted of 64 drawings by 64 contributors who visualize the hexagram meaning they got.


This is the second phase of the project, we hope to promote this book and engage with the communities by setting up booth on the street, however, it is not possible to execute this plan due to COVID-19 lockdown. So thank you for Clara, our lecturer’s suggestion, we tried another way – engage with kids and complete the coloring session with them indirectly through physical mailing. I think it is a meaningful and interesting experience of communication for the kids in this digital era, against the widely use of social media platforms. After receiving all finished colorings from the kids, I will draw a small painting as my response or blessing to each of them.

To know more about “易圖思 mInd CHangING” mindfulness coloring book project, please visit


The “I Ching Mindfulness Coloring Project” is initiated and founded in March 2019 by our group member Lissa Lam. It is my pleasure and a wonderful chance to participate as a group member in her project. I would like to thank Lissa for letting me in her group and it is a great chance to witness her thorough preparation and speedy execution from the Socially Engaged class to the Arts and the Public class in my MAVA life.


Also, I would like to thank the postmen in Hong Kong and Macau for delivering my letters to the kids and I do feel guilty to increase the postal workload in this critical situation since the postal office is busy for delivering the face masks and other necessities.

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